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At work right now [12.10.2009]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | christmas in dixie - alabama. ]

ornaments. fresh frazier fur trees. lights. the smell of cinnamon in the air. i love this time of year but it saddens me right now because i will not be going to see my father, nor will my father be coming to see me this year. we have not had such a wonderful visit the last two times and i can not contemplate as to why. i'm at work right now, so i can not dwell on it too much but it bothers me immensely to know i will not see my family this year. i have my mother whom moved over here two months ago but .. it won't be the same. i will write more when i get home. hopefully i have a good day without any problems. i am getting over time this week for my next week's paycheck.


new job [06.05.2009]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | no music, just phones. ]

So I totally have a new job in an advertising department no less. i have stepped up to the big leagues, lmao. whatever. totally just part time right now at the front desk doing spreadsheets and what not on 2008 and 09 totals. i am a copy girl too. :D. i like it. it gets me out of the house and away from the abundance of testosterone for a little while through the week. hopefully (keep your fingers crossed) i will be full time before too long. yay. oh yeah i do billing and take payments too. sweet stuff.

we finally met our neighbors two houses down and they have a sweet little girl that alten has dubbed his girlfriend and she has told me he is her boyfriend. totally cute. i gotta get a picture of them soon. i tell him we are going to see her and his eyes get so huge and he smiles. her mother and father are pretty cool and i usually don't like people. i like them, they aren't asses. i think my roommate has finally learned her boundaries though, she stays in her room when they're here. we don't mess with her friends, she doesn't mess with ours. anyway, i`m off to surf the net. peace.


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